Moving Away From the Typical And Blazing A New Trail For Your Brand

I often recommend to my clients to engage in social media. Never a bad idea since social media provides a platform to engage with other people who like what you are offering. Take Twitter, for example.  Get on Twitter and start following others who are industry colleagues, then follow people who they are interested in. Be active and engaged and contribute to conversations. Don’t just talk ‘at’ people.

With some consistency others will see you re-sharing (re-tweeting) interesting and useful information including your own original content about your business. Also, if used wisely you can let your followers into special contests or events and you can track your click-throughs to monetize your social media effectiveness on sales. After all, when marketers can draw a direct line between a social-media campaign and sales, all the guessing over the value of engagement ends. The return on investment is indisputable.

So, it wasn’t out of the ordinary when recently I was contemplating how to help a socially conscience clothing company expand its brand reach and find new customers by engaging on social media sites. However, the type of work this company does is part of a niche market and I was struggling to see how all the typical social media sites would truly benefit their unique brand and business. I started to wonder, what if you are struggling to find a social media site that suits your needs? In this day and age dare I ask, what if the platform you need doesn’t seem to exist?

Why not create your own social media site and bring like minded people into the fold with you? It is in times of need that the best inventions are formed. What is the saying? “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”? This was certainly true when I found myself in my own recent predicament, searching endlessly for a metal and leather bracelet that I’d seen a girl wearing on a television show. My husband often accuses me of being a ‘dog with a bone’; and in this case I most certainly was. I searched all over Pinterest, shopped through Etsy and browsed endlessly through Google’s image database to no avail.

Sick of searching, I wondered how hard must it be to make what I want? Well, as it turns out jewelry making is in fact a skill. And, in the case of curved metal I needed to take a silver smithing class for that. Then it was just some determined phone calls and visits to a couple of stores where I was able to accumulate the rest of the materials needed to put my YouTube learned techniques into practice, and make the darn bracelet.

The point is, when you can’t find what it is you’re looking for to expand the reach of your business or cause then perhaps you need to be the trail blazer. Devote some time and resources to making what you need, whether it be a social media platform, or a bracelet. The result will not only empower you and your brand but set you apart from the rest, just like me and my new one-of-a-kind bracelet.





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